Cost of Lap-Band surgery

Cost of Lap-Band surgery

As with any surgery, the Cost of Lap-Band surgery includes out of pocket costs to the patient such as co-pays and fees from your surgeon.  Years ago Lap-Band surgery cost roughly around $25,000.  Today you can have surgery for $4000 – $7000.

The reason the cost of Lap-Band surgery has come down so drastically over the years is because it is now a routine outpatient procedure for most people, the Lap Band has evolved into a better and more effective procedure and people are opting for the band instead of Gastric Bypass because it is faster, safer and just as effective.

Most insurance companies will cover the Cost of Lap-Band surgery but if they don’t you can plan on spending up to $7000 out of pocket.  A lot of surgeons will finance your surgery and there are links to Lap-Band Financing available for you.
The benefits of Lap-Band surgery far outweighs the cost because statistics have shown that more people are successful with their weight loss goals using the Lap-Band and as a result leading a more gratifying life.  There are also fewer complications now with the improvements of the procedure.


If your insurance company denies you coverage for the Lap-Band you should be prepared to appeal the decision…..


Consider the premiums you pay every month and if you look at the long term health benefits the cost of your medical care will reduce drastically so it is a win-win situation for both you and the insurance company!


Many surgeons have different prices they charge for Lap-Band surgery so you should shop around for a qualified surgeon that will fit your budget.  You will want a surgeon who has preformed many surgeries and has a Center of Excellence.  There may or may not be program fees that could also range upward to $1,000.


Overall the long term benefits of Lap-Band surgery far out weighs the cost by any measure.  It will benefit you by allowing you to lead a normal life, disease free.  Although cost will vary, researching physicians will help you choose the best one for your needs.




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