Find A Lap-Band Surgeon

Find A Lap-Band Surgeon

Once you have established your eligibility by visiting our BMI Calculator and watching the Online Seminar the next logical step in the process is to locate a certified Lap-Band Surgeon in your area.

Our database contains over 2000 licensed lap-band surgeons who have been trained to provide the Lap-Band procedure. Keep in mind that the surgeon you decide to visit does not just do your surgery. Your Lap-Band surgeon and the staff of his or her practice will be providing you long term support to insure your weight loss success.

Most Bariatric surgeons have a team of specialists in their office that specialize in nutrition, physical therapy and much more. When you visit the practice make sure you like the team, make sure they are supportive and make sure they have a program that is well rounded and can afford you the long term success necessary to lose the weight you want.

Watch The Free Online Lap-Band Seminar

Watch the Online Lap-Band Seminar

You've taken the first step in your weight loss journey by starting your research. Now watch our free online seminar to learn how the Lap-Band can help you cross the finish line.

Sign up is easy (and private). You will watch the seminar online in the comfort of your home or office in privacy. Get started now.