Holly lost 130 lbs with the Lap-Band

Holly lost 130 lbs with the Lap-Band

Holly loved amusement parks and especially riding roller coasters with her children. After waiting patiently for hours in line for that front seat in a new rollercoaster, that everyone was raving about, she was turned away because she couldn’t fit into the seat. The devastation of that moment made Holly realize that once and for all she had to do something about her weight and it didn’t matter to her how much it cost, how much time it would take, or how much she would have to sacrifice along the way, she was going to do something about her weight so that she could enjoy times like this with her family.

Holly had lived with this weight issue all her life, experimented with every single diet, lost the weight only to regain it all back.  Most members of her immediate family had suffered complications for obesity and had died and she was not going to be another statistic.

After that awful day at the scene of the roller coaster she knew this time it would be different.  She knew it had to be drastic and after doing lots of research online, she went to a seminar and found a surgeon who also had the Lap-Band and knew if he had it she could not go wrong.

In October 2004, she made the decision to have the Lap-Band surgery.

 “I was on the phone one day talking to someone from my insurance company, who told me I could possibly be eligible for the Lap-Band surgery after we had a long conversation about weight loss.

The life changing day at the amusement part was something Holly needed to get the ball really rolling on her weight loss.  She never wanted to live that moment again of being embarrassed when she was turned away from a ride or any other activity she wanted to do with her children.

So how does Holly feel now living with the Lap-Band?  After 100lbs weight loss she can now ride any roller coaster, play on the floor with her kids without needing help to get up and now has no self esteem issues to deal with.  She loves her new life with her kids and enjoying all the activities she missed out on her entire life.




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Watch the Online Lap-Band Seminar

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