How Much Weight Will I Lose With Lap-Band ?

How Much Weight Will I Lose With Lap-Band ?

The question that we most hear is how much weight will I lose with lap band ?

The simple answer is “it depends”. If you follow closely your doctors instructions and are the “perfect Lap-Band patient” than you can expect to reach 70-80% of your goal weight within 18 months.

How much weight you lose usually is in direct proportion to how much you are willing to do. Remember the Lap-Band is just a tool. It’s not magic and it’s necessary for you to do your part.

Here is how it works:

The Lap-Band gastric band, when placed around the top of your stomach,  forms a small pouch. This pouch holds a small amount of food and allows the patient to have a feeling of being full. The stomach has a nerve at the top of the stomach that signals the brain when the stomach becomes full. By having a pouch created at the top of the stomach that nerve is triggered sooner and the patient feels satisfied.

The port attached to the Lap-Band allows your surgeon to add saline solution to tighten the adjustable band which slows the passing of food into the lower portion of the stomach. Unlike the gastric bypass the Lap-Band requires no cutting of the stomach or the intestines. The lap-Band can be removed as easily as it is inserted and your digestive system simply returns to normal after it is removed.

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