Lap-Band Pre-Op Diets

Lap-Band Pre-Op Diets


The majority of doctors will require a Lap-Band pre-op diet for many reasons and it is important to follow the doctors’ instructions so that you will have success before, during and after surgery.  If you cheat on the Lap-Band pre-op diet you are setting yourself up for a rougher road to weight loss success.


The Lap-Band pre-op diet is designed to get you on the way to weight loss….


The diet is designed to help get rid of fat in your liver, and make your life transitioning over to Lap-Band easier.  It may be hard the first few days but by day three it should become easier and you will be happy to see the scale move before you even have surgery.


Some Lap-Band pre-op diets start two weeks before surgery but can be as long as six weeks depending on your weight and your doctors’ requirements.  Just remember that this is only a short amount of time out of your life and you will be able to eat real food again.  You will also want to take this time to learn to eat slower because that is a must with Lap-Band surgery.


Losing weight before surgery will help reduce complications in the operating room because any amount of weight loss before surgery is a benefit to you and lowering your risk of complications.  It will also help with recovery time, having your surgeon access your stomach more easily, and allow you to be more successful losing weight.  It will also reduce your chances of bleeding during surgery.  Less fat means less bleeding.


So what does the Lap-Band pre-op diet consist of?


Every doctor is different in choosing a pre-op diet but most will consist of a liquid diet that will be clear liquids and protein shakes and they may or may not allow you one meal with lean meat and vegetables per day.


During the Lap-Band pre-op diet you want to start decreasing sugar, unwanted carbs such as bread, pasta and rice, fats, fried foods, whole milk, high calorie drinks which will include soda and alcohol.  If you are an avid coffee drinker this is the time you may want to start decreasing your caffeine intake.  Caffeine is a stomach irritant and is not part of your post-op diet.  If you choose not to decrease your caffeine intake you may wake up in the hospital with a headache.


You may be asked to start taking vitamins at this time and it is best to purchase chewable vitamins because after surgery they will be easier to swallow.  Also consuming high levels of protein at this time will help your body heal faster, speed up your weight loss, and keep your lean muscle mass as you begin to burn fat.


You will have to supplement protein intake with protein shakes, either powder or ready made, however your taste may change after surgery so don’t go out and buy a ton of one protein drink just because you like it now.  You may not like it after surgery.  Each shake should at least be 20 grams of protein so that you can get 70 to 90 grams per day.  This will continue after surgery also and you may have to supplement with protein shakes even after you start eating regular food in order to get enough protein for the day.


The lap-Band pre-op diet will also reduce the amount of calories you consume and will be anywhere from 800 to 1200 calories depending on what kind of diet your doctor has designed for you.  It is quite a drop in calories when you are used to consuming 3 to 4 times that amount but you will be much happier once you have reached your goal weight.


You may feel shaky the first couple of days because of a drop in blood sugar, but you can alleviate this by having some hard candy at hand, taken in small amounts.


The pre-op diet is achievable and needed for most patients contemplating weight loss surgery.  You can do it because you will feel so much better and when you look back you will say to yourself “I did it all for me and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”.





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