Lap-Band Recovery Tips

Lap-Band Recovery Tips

It is important to know what to expect during your Lap-Band recovery period. Having weight loss surgery can be a very exciting adventure, but post operatively you may or may not feel so great so we would like to provide you some tips to help your Lap-Band recovery go smoothly.


With just a little planning, your Lap-Band Recovery will go much smoother…..


When you wake up from surgery you may be a bit nauseated, which most surgery patients do, so you may want to ask the anesthesiologist for a patch they put behind your ear to help with nausea before surgery begins.  If you are nauseous after surgery, let someone know right away so they can give you something to resolve it quickly.


Make sure before you have surgery your doctor has given you pain medication and nausea medication to have filled and waiting for you at home so that you don’t have to go to the pharmacy after you leave the hospital.


You will probably have some gas from the surgery, Anti-Gas medications like GasX strips work really well to resolve this.  You will also, no matter how much it hurts, need to get up and start moving; this will shorten your Lap-Band recovery period and help with gas.  Lying in bed all day will not help you with your recovery and will put you at risk for pneumonia and blood clots.  It doesn’t mean to run a marathon but you need to walk around every couple of hours to help speed up your recovery.  Drinking warm broth and teas will also help with the discomfort.


Some things you will need to have at home after surgery:


Chicken or beef broth, clear liquids such as apple juice, jello, sugar free pops,  protein drinks, good movies, a heating pad to help with the gas pain, a nice body pillow,  a couple of good books and most importantly a good mental attitude.


You probably will not be able to sleep on the side where your port is placed for the first few nights. Your port area may hurt for a while so try to practice before surgery to sleep on the opposite side or your back.  It may also be a bit uncomfortable to get up because of your incisions and some doctors will give you a binder to wear around your stomach, but if they don’t you can hold a pillow up against your stomach to help relieve the pain when getting in and out of bed.  You may also choose to sleep in a recliner because it will be easier to get out of.


During your Lap-Band recovery period drinking liquids will get old very fast, but you must not upgrade your diet before your doctor says it is okay to do so.  You may or may not be hungry after a few days and this is normal but you have to bear it, it will not last long.   Try not to be thinking about food and concentrate on other things.  Go out and window shop for the clothes you will be wearing soon.  Take a short walk everyday until you build up your endurance and slowly increase your exercise routine.  Exercise is important for effective weight loss and necessary to shorten your Lap-Band recovery .


Within a week you should start feeling pretty normal, your hunger will return and you will be able to do more things.  Increasing your activity is a must.


Last but not least here are some humorous tips for post op patients:


Just because your clothes fit this week does not mean they will next week.  Go shopping.   Learn how to take a compliment because you will be getting plenty of them very soon.  If your pants start slipping down after you have just dried them, its time to say good bye to them.  Buy a sports bra because it will shrink with you.  Stock up on sale clothes because you will need them sooner than you think.  Small bites taste better and disappear slower when you use baby utensils.  When you safety pin your pants to keep them up remember to stop at the first sign of pain.  If you walk past a mirror stop and take a look because yes that is you.  Washing your clothes in hot water is now a good thing to shrink them.  Pizza taste better when someone else is eating it.


Lap-Band recovery will be over before you know it and your life will get back to normal, with one big difference. You will be losing weight and feeling better everyday. Just take one day at a time, stick to your post op diet, and discuss any medical concerns with your doctor.


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