Watch The Online Lap-Band Seminar

Watch the Online Lap-Band Seminar

All surgeons require that you watch or attend a Lap-Band Seminar to insure that you are fully informed and understand all the benefits and risks associated with the procedure. Watching our Free Online Lap-Band Seminar should fulfill that requirement and allow you to attend your initial appointment with your doctor to be such that you go in with the vital information you need well in advance.

Hopefully you have already visited the BMI Calculator and you know whether your height and weight qualify you. Next you need to complete the form below and once you click submit a link to the Lap-Band Seminar will be emailed to you and you can start your journey.

The seminar takes about 25 minutes and requires an Internet connection and speakers so you can listen to the presenter. You can pause and restart the presentation but usually with something this important you may want to set aside some quiet time so that you can concentrate on the presentation.

What To Do Now

We are happy to provide you with access to our free online virtual seminar, this seminar will take just a little over 20 minutes to complete and will provide you a through education about the Lap-Band and the surgical procedure to have it put in.

Please fill out the form below and you will immediately be emailed instructions that will allow you to attend your Online Seminar at no cost or obligation to you. (your name and email address are required)

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