Plastic Surgery after Lap-Band Surgery

Plastic Surgery after Lap-Band Surgery

In September of 2008 Robin weighed over 300 pounds and wore a size 22/24. Robin had Lap-Band surgery and Fast forward to November 2011 and Robin weighs  189 pounds and wears a size 16.  She then decided to have plastic surgery after Lap-Band surgery.

Her story about her Plastic Surgery after Lap-Band Surgery:

Plastic surgery is a personal decision. I could not see past the extra skin. I could not see all the progress I made with the Lap-Band because the extra skin hid it from me. I did a lot of research on the areas plastic surgeons as well as what insurance carriers required to cover the procedure. The first meeting with my surgeon was difficult for me. I was not prepared for how naked you had to be (how else are they going to see what needs to be done ? ) or how much my skin was going to be lifted moved etc. trust me when I tell you, you get used to it and, in the end at least for me, it was a confidence builder. I chose to have a Panniculectomy (removal of excess skin- in my case 15 pounds worth) a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

 After the surgery there was not a lot of pain but there was a lot of discomfort. Although I did all the research I could possibly do before the surgery, I was not prepared for how my body looked. I was swollen, sutured and my landscape shall we say,  moved and changed. I felt I looked like Frankenstein’s bride. The incisions and sutures were ugly to say the least. By post op week two, I wished I had never done it. I couldn’t see that the sutures would dissolve and I would get used to the new “landscape”. I hated the drains that removed the excess fluid.

They were annoying, in the way and at times a bit painful. I just was not happy with my choice. Lap-Band surgery was a distant memory now that I had taken this big step.

 Fast forward to week 4, the swelling was down and I was in a size 14 and they were not tight. The sutures had dissolved for the most part and I was starting to see what the surgery had accomplished. Anger and disappointment was replaced by a bit of happiness, confidence, and excitement and it just grew from there.

 Recently I passed my 10 week post op visit, most of the swelling is down and I am in a size 12. I was told that I will be swollen for about 4 more months. I will likely end up a size 10 or a 12. For me,  that is hard to wrap my head around. I plan on losing another 25 pounds and having my flanks done as my final surgery. I hope to attain that in the next 6 months. My insurance did not cover the procedures I had but I am not done fighting. I do not expect them to pay for the tuck or the lift but the skin removal should be covered.

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