Pregnancy After Lap Band

Pregnancy After Lap Band

After you have had surgery, Pregnancy after Lap Band is not anything to be concerned about as long as you have started your weight loss journey. For many obese women, the inability to become pregnant is a major complication of their excess weight. While simply losing weight is not a “cure” for infertility, there are a variety of biological and hormonal factors that can come together when weight loss occurs to create a much more fertile environment in which conception and pregnancy can take place.  By losing weight, women can often stabilize and normalize their estrogen and testosterone levels which leads to the regularity of their menstrual cycle and ovulation—hence enabling pregnancy after Lap Band that was formerly impossible while carrying excess weight.

Even if you are not infertile, becoming pregnant while obese or morbidly obese is a much more risky endeavor for both the mother and fetus.  Conditions associated with obesity like Diabetes and high blood pressure can make for a high-risk pregnancy and the chance of developing gestational diabetes even in non-diabetic obese women is higher than in women of normal weight.  All in all, whether it is the inability to become pregnant or the increased danger of becoming pregnant, doing so while carrying large amounts of excess weight is a burden on your body.

So you have decided to undergo Lap-Band surgery with the hope of achieving pregnancy —or having an easier and less complicated pregnancy in the future. Is this safe? Will weight loss really make you more fertile? And will you be able to carry a healthy baby on the type of diet that is required after Lap Band surgery? These are all important questions to consider before obtaining a Lap-Band and before becoming pregnant after your Lap Band. The good news is that yes, most likely, losing weight will increase your body’s fertility. And yes, it has been shown over and over that pregnancy is possible and healthy after undergoing Lap Band surgery. However, it is vital that you follow some specific rules and most importantly, work with your Lap-Band surgeon along with your OB-GYN if you are intending to become pregnant after Lap Band.

First and most importantly, be aware that as you lose weight your body will become more fertile and you will be at an increased risk of becoming pregnant unintentionally. Unless pregnancy after Lap Band is something you want, It is very important to use contraception during this time (ideally the first year after your weight loss surgery) because you do not want pregnancy after Lap Band surgery while you are recovering from the placement of your band or while you are losing weight rapidly as tends to happen during the first year.  If possible, use more than one method of contraception to make certain you do no become pregnant unintentionally.  Even though it is not ideal, don’t panic if you do accidentally get pregnant while still less than a year post Lap-Band surgery.  The beauty of the Lap-Band is you can always start your weight loss again later, so it’s imperative to go to your Lap-Band surgeon immediately upon learning you are pregnant so he or she can remove fluid from your band, allowing you to take in more calories and nutrients needed for the pregnancy.

Barring an unforeseen pregnancy, you should plan on becoming pregnant once your weight has stabilized or your goal weight has been achieved. When this happens, you should still meet with your Lap-Band surgeon immediately to make sure your band is loose enough that you can eat an adequate diet while pregnant.

In addition, if your plan is pregnancy after lap band it is recommended that you take a daily multivitamin with emphasis on Vitamins A, B-1, B-12, Folic Acid, and Iron; visit your Lap-Band surgeon and OB-GYN regularly; drink plenty of water; eat a high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat diet; and take in extra protein daily through supplements and shakes.





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