The Lap-Band helped Tess lose 161lbs

The Lap-Band helped Tess lose 161lbs

Tess’s Lap-Band Story: 

Every day I felt the stigma that comes along with being obese in a modern society. It shouldn’t feel that way but it is there and very real. 

My self esteem was not the only thing suffering, my health was as well.

I had become so obese that I was becoming immobile, had sleep apnea, and was developing high blood pressure. 

 The reason I chose Lap-Band surgery was because it was the least invasive of all the weight loss surgeries. I learned it was a tool that would teach me to eat properly and to take care of myself and become a healthier person.

 There was no doubt I need to lose weight slowly so I could adjust to a new life style.  Now 161lbs thinner, I have no health issues and I am in training for a marathon that I never thought I would be able to do.

Because of the Lap-Band I feel empowered as a woman and my social and work life have become everything I knew they should have been only now I can do it without my weight forcing me to one life style.  I would do it again in a heart beat.

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Watch the Online Lap-Band Seminar

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