What are the Lap Band qualifications for surgery?

Lap Band qualifications for surgery are easiest to determine by using the provided BMI Calculator. Once you enter your height and weight you will get an immediate feedback as to whether you meet the first criteria for eligibility. Once the BMI Calculator provides you with the results, you will then want to watch the online seminar once you have completed watching the seminar you can then make an appointment with a local surgeon who can give you a breakdown of the entire Lap-Band Surgery process.  So as you can see Lap-Band qualifications are fairly easy to figure out, once you have done so your doctor will meet with you and discuss next steps.

Watch The Free Online Lap-Band Seminar

Watch the Online Lap-Band Seminar

You've taken the first step in your weight loss journey by starting your research. Now watch our free online seminar to learn how the Lap-Band can help you cross the finish line.

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