What To Look For In A Surgeon

What To Look For In A Surgeon

When you are ready to find a Lap Band surgeon you need to keep in mind that this surgery is a life changing event for you. Your health is going to improve, you will be able to do things you haven’t been able to do recently. As we mentioned elsewhere, all surgeries no matter how minor come with associated risks. Keeping that in mind you just don’t pick a Lap Band surgeon out of the yellow pages. You need to find a Lap Band surgeon and a bariatric practice that you feel comfortable with. You don’t decide to have surgery on Friday and get a Lap-Band on Monday. Finding the right surgeon, finding the right practices all requires research.

Why settle for a good Lap Band surgeon when you can find a great one?

Here are some criteria to use when you are ready to find a Lap Band surgeon

the first criteria should be pretty obvious:

 1. Find a Surgeon with Experience

Great surgeons do not come out of medical school, Good surgeons become great by repetition so you want to ask your potential surgeon how many times has he done the Lap Band surgery. Obviously there is no correct answer as to how many is too few. The most experienced surgeons in the U.S. have done in excess of 2000 procedures; you may find some of these in our featured surgeon section. While only a small amount of surgeons have done this many, only you can make the decision as to what you think is a reasonable amount of experience.

2.  Make sure your Lap-Band Surgeon is Certified by the ASMBS

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is the certifying body for Bariatric surgeons in the United States. This certification guarantees that the surgeon has performed a specific number of bariatric weight loss surgeries in the last few years. The ASMBS also requires that members maintain a certain amount of education that allows them to keep up to date on the latest surgical techniques and trends.

3. Find a local surgeon

There are over 2000 certified surgeons in the United States, but only limited amounts are near you.  This means that you have two choices, you can be fortunate and find a great surgeon near you or you need to determine how far you are willing to travel for the right surgeon. If you use a Surgeon Locator page you can make a determination what surgeons are located near you.

The second choice is to travel to your surgeon, this can be handled several ways, perhaps you have a friend or family who live near a surgeon that you consider worthy of doing your Lap Band surgery. Many practices will put you up in a nearby hotel and check on you following your procedure. Do research, speak with the practice manager and see what options you have available to you that you feel comfortable with.

4.  Ask Questions!

Once you decide to make an appointment, get out a pad and pen and start writing down questions. Do feel bad about asking your potential surgeon dozens of questions. Be an informed patient and realize that surgeons are people too. They want you to feel comfortable and they want you to know what lies ahead on your journey. In the past patients have had blind faith in the abilities of surgeons. Those days have long since past. An informed patient is an empowered surgeon. You need to be aware of what happens before surgery, what will you pre-operative diet be? What will your post-operative diet be? When can you go back to regular foods? How long will the surgery take? How much weight should you expect to lose? Ask anything that comes to your mind. There are no bad questions. If you find your surgeon is unwilling to answer questions or they are unwilling to take the time to answer all your questions, it’s time to find a Lap Band surgeon that will answer them!

 5. Read information, watch videos, and attend seminars!

This website is for you, before you have Lap-Band surgery you owe it to yourself to read everything available to you here. Read the articles, watch the free online seminar, and find a surgeon. It’s all here for you and it’s all free!

Good Luck with your weight loss journey!

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